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Here’s a common training dilemma: “The trainers are great, but they don’t know our specific job skills. Our staff is experienced in job skills, but they don’t know how to train. What am I supposed to do?” The answer: train the job experts on how to train others.

This is usually called “training the trainer,” and it is an effective way to get the best of both worlds: content expertise and training know-how.
This is a 21-hour interactive course for anyone who needs to transfer knowledge and skills to others. The course can be customized to your specific needs.

Upon completion, participants will be better prepared to:

  • Use adult learning principles
  • Create meaningful course content
  • Choose the right training method
  • Present the content effectively
  • Evaluate the level of learning
  • Use the four-step skills training method
  • Practice what they’ve learned


  • Learning Styles and Communication Skills
  • Overview
  • How adults learn
  • Matching teaching methods to learning preferences and situations Presentation/Facilitation Skills
  • Overcoming the causes of poor communication
  • Aligning vocal, verbal, and non-verbal communication
  • Using visual aids
  • Facilitating discussions
  • Avoiding common pitfalls

Course Development and Evaluation

  1. How to create course content using the ADDIE method
  2. How to structure training based on the IDEAS method
  3. Evaluating training effectiveness

Applying Course Skills

  1. Participants will come prepared to make a 10-15 minute presentation. Written feedback will be provided after each presentation
  2. Practice and feedback
  3. Review and action plan

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