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The New Supervisor's Coach

The New Supervisors Coach is designed for new supervisors and their managers.

The New Supervisor's Coach Personal Workbook

Whether you're a supervisor concerned with self-development or a manager who needs to develop a new supervisor, this workbook will help because of its flexible and structured approach. Simply go through each chapter in this workbook to apply the chapters in the original book, The New Supervisor's Coach. You will be guided to make application back on the job (and get real work done in the process). The Workbook has these flexible features:

  • Supervisors can go through the Workbook and apply the lessons from The New Supervisor's Coach in a reflective and self-paced manner.
  • Managers can go through the Workbook with their supervisors in a systematic way that meets everyone's schedules.
  • HR Specialists and Managers can provide the self-explanatory Workbook to supervisors and managers who need an easy-to-apply resource guide for developing employees.

$8.95 + tax/shipping
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There are many new insights and ways to apply The New Supervisor's Coach. There are even more worksheets, job aids, and tips on becoming and remaining an effective supervisor.
Included free with every Workbook purchase is the Manager's Guidebook to coaching, which provides valuable background information and specialized instructions to help managers coach like a pro.

The New Supervisor's Coach

This 92-page book is written for new supervisors and their managers.

New Supervisors: The responsibility that comes with being a new supervisor can be daunting. Where do you begin? What are your priorities? How do you handle that overwhelming feeling? In this book, you’ll find a sage coach to guide you through your top three priorities as a supervisor.

Their Managers: It's the part of your job that you know is important, but you just can't find enough time to do it. Being there and developing your new supervisor just got easier. The book provides a step by step approach to ensure your new supervisor's success. Working through the book together will save you time and grief.

“I love the unique approach this book takes by using fictional characters and dialogue to illustrate key points, along with powerful action items for making improvements. This book will be of tremendous value to any organization that implements the tools and strategies provided.”

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Online price is 10% off cover.

Stephanie Chandler, author of LEAP!101 Ways to Grow Your Business

“Personal, practical, and powerful. Use it every day. Focuses on what YOU can control and the order in which you control it.”

R. David Carrozza, Owner/President, THE LAB


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Critical Thinking Skills
Throughout history, astute people have been concerned with the art and science of inquisitive thinking. In the 21st century, the ability to engage in reflective thought has been viewed as a fundamental characteristic of an independent person and as a skill for an increasingly wide range of jobs. As a result, this is a significant way to gain a competitive advantage in career and organization development. This seven-hour course takes critical thinking skills and techniques and makes them accessible to all

Upon completion, participants will be better prepared to:


  1. Thinking Map – An approach to critical thinking especially suited for evaluating the
    validity of statements and conclusions
  2. Grid Analysis – An approach to decision making especially suited for evaluating
    complex situations involving many alternatives and factors
  3. Lateral Thinking – An approach to organizational problems especially suited for
    breaking down “silo” thinking
  4. Action Plan

Class in a Flash

The Critical Thinking course is presented on a flash drive so it can be used as many times as needed. This is the complete program as available through the online training module.

($249.00 + tax/shipping)


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