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Improve your ability to solve problems, especially on teams.

There’s one thing we all have in common: problems. Here’s something most people don’t have in common: a systematic way to address problems. Instead, individuals
and teams take a knee-jerk reaction approach that usually results in a “band-aid” instead of real fix.

This four-hour course is for anyone who solves workplace problems, especially on teams. It’s especially helpful for avoiding the #1 cause of frustration on problemsolving
teams: suggesting a solution before the problem is understood.


Upon completion, participants will be better prepared to:

Explain the benefits of using a standard method for solving problems

Solve problems in the short and long terms

Use troubleshooting and decision making tools

Create an action plan for implementing course concepts and skills


1. Overview
2. The Five-Step Problem Solving Method

  • The case for a systematic and common method
  • The five steps explained
    • Step 1 – State the problem
    • Step 2 – Find the cause(s)
    • Step 3 – Choose the solution(s)
    • Step 4 –Apply the solution(s)
    • Step 5 – Plan next steps (e.g., communicate results, institute a change)
  • The five steps applied
    • Apply the five-step process to three different problem scenarios

3. Action plan

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