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Increase your delivery, confidence, organization, flow, and competence.

The purpose of this two-day course is to empower participants to prepare and deliver better presentations in terms of capturing, keeping, and motivating the audience.

Allison is very effective at modeling the class concepts as she presents them. She is engaging and encourages interaction throughout the class, including fun and friendly competitions between groups. She employs a wide variety of methods, including having participants prepare and deliver presentations and receive/provide constructive feedback. Course materials are relevant and easy to incorporate when back on the job. I highly recommend this course for trainers and anyone who prepares and delivers presentations.”

Michelle Edwards, Training Officer
California Department of Developmental Services


Upon completion, participants will be better prepared to:

Apply adult learning principles to presentation preparation and delivery

Use methods for engaging an audience and keeping it interested

Handle nerves and hostility more effectively

Identify and practice verbal and nonverbal elements of effective delivery style

Interact and check in with the audience


1. Overview
2. Preparation

  • Adult learning theory and its impact on presentations
  • Understanding audience needs and how to meet them
  • Organizing thoughts and content: the order of preparation
  • Considering design, style, and visual aids
  • Creating interest and credibility in the first three slides
  • Content blunders: what to avoid

3. Delivery

  • The order of delivery
  • Communication essentials
  • Ways to maintain poise: mental, chemical and physical
  • Creating interest and credibility in the first three slides
  • Dealing with a tough audience
  • Speaking habits to avoid
  • Course review and action plan

4. Bringing it all together

  • Deliver presentations to peers and get feedback in a safe environment

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