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These PowerPoint presentations are useful for reinforcing training and for reference.

Workplace Bullying - Identifying and Dealing with It

  • Define workplace bullying / abusive conduct
  • Identify specific behaviors that do/may constitute bullying
  • Discuss the effects of bullying on individuals and teams
  • Learn some strategies for confronting and preventing bullying at work
  • Lay a foundation for establishing a training program at their organizations to confront and prevent workplace bullying

Workforce Engagement and Succession: the Boomer to Millennial Handoff

  • Understand the meaning and value of employee engagement.
  • Identify strategies for retaining critical skills and knowledge that your organization needs from Baby Boomers.
  • Learn how to retain and quickly develop valuable Millennials.

The Art and Science of Motivation and Morale

  • Leverage new-found knowledge about motivation to improve employee morale and team cohesiveness.
  • Leave behind outdated methods and embrace new ones that align better with the 21st century organization.
  • Naturally sustain motivation and morale instead of constantly shoring up what the environment tears down.

Addressing Skills Gaps with the Must-Have Skills of the 21st Century Workplace

  • Explore why it is important to develop the 4 Cs in your workforce
  • Consider what the 4 Cs could do for your organization
  • Discover ways to integrate the 4 Cs into your organization and employee development planning

Coaching OJT (on-the-job training)

Two Ways to Solve These Three Employee Development Dilemmas:

  • Limited budget for training.
  • Employees don’t apply what they learn in training.
  • No specific class for what my employees need to know.

HR: Coaching Managers to Coach

  • Encourage managers to take a coaching approach
  • Learn the Four-step Situational Coaching Model
  • Learn how to identify a problem and gain commitment to a plan of action

A Manager’s Guide to Performance Management

  • Set direction through SMART goals
  • Provide a performance environment
  • Recognize and reward good performance
  • Develop employees
  • Analyze and address performance issues

All in the Spirit of Teamwork

  • The benefits of teamwork
  • A team development model
  • How to implement a team development plan

Presentation Pitfalls & Blunders

  • Avoid or overcome the most common and destructive presentation pitfalls
  • Proper preparation and avoiding pitfalls
  • Effective delivery and avoiding pitfalls

Managing Multiple Tasks

Participants will be better prepared to:

  • Organize workload to increase efficiency and minimize frustration
  • Free minds of incomplete tasks that are nagging in the background
  • Deal with conflicting priorities
  • Report a workload problem without sounding like they’re failing

Converting Instructor-led Training to E-learning

  • Understand how to take instructor-led (IL) courses to elearning
  • Understand various methods to engage participants and boost application
  • Using ADDIE to convert
  • Engaging the participants

Giving Better Feedback

  • Provide positive & constructive feedback after incidents
  • Provide negative feedback in constructive ways
  • Prepare feedback for mid-year and annual reviews

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