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Examine how poor listening habits are developed and learn the guidelines to empathetic listening.

This four-hour course will give you the tools to develop one of the most important traits of personal and professional success. Learn the barriers that interfere with listening and develop awareness of how attitudes affect the way people listen. Properly applied, this course will change your life.


  • Discover your listening competence level.
  • Explain the 3 levels of listening and the effect each has on communication and relationships.
  • Use techniques for getting the whole message.
  • Apply the Value Activation System to help others solve problems.
  • Create an important action plan for on-going development.


1. Introduction and overview
2. Why are people poor listeners?

  • Brainstorm, statistics about listening, exercise.

3. What are the barriers to listening?

  • Types of barriers, practice, attitudes and their impact.

4. How can I get the whole message?

  • The 3 levels of listening, practice, Level 1 Listening

5. How can I add value as a listener?

  • Value Activation System, practice

6. Summary and review.
7. Action plans

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