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Facilitation is the art and science of leading people through a process toward a result that is created, understood, and accepted by all participants.

An effective facilitator makes it easier for teams to work together for output that is higher in quantity and quality. Effective facilitators may “be born” with certain abilities, but it’s more probable that competencies will be developed through experience, which this course can jumpstart.

This 16-hour interactive course is for anyone who participates in team meetings, especially for those in a leadership role. The many individual and team activities will stimulate interest and reinforce key concepts that students can apply right away.

Upon completion, participants will be better prepared to:

  • Understand the role of the facilitator, especially as it relates to other facilitation roles
  • Identify the main stages of the facilitation process
  • Learn the stages of team development
  • Understand how to manage conflict
  • Provide students with practice and feedback
  • How to build consensus

1. Overview of the facilitation process
2. Preparing - What must be done before the meeting
3. Priming - Get the “creative juices” flowing
4. Probing - Exploring problems, options, or ideas
5. Pointing - Get everyone going in the same direction
6. Planning - Reach a decision and prepare to move forward with an action plan
7. Communication skills – Listening, body language, clarity
8. Group dynamics - Group development, problem-solving methodology, managing conflict
9. Facilitation Techniques - How to regain focus of the group, tips and tricks, the Seven Deadly Sins to avoid
10. Review and action plan - Key learnings and what we’ll do with them

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