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Restore Creativity to solve Problems and Make Decisions.

Increasingly, we are hearing about the importance of creative thinking in the workplace. In a recent survey of Fortune 500 CEOs, almost 60 percent of them ranked creativity higher than intelligence. However, research has shown that our
creativity significantly declines from age five, and at age 40 most people have lost 98% of it.

Do you want your creativity restored to solve problems and make decisions more effectively and efficiently? This is a seven-hour course for anyone who wants to increase their creativity, and is designed to give you results before you leave the classroom. The individual and team activities will stimulate interest and reinforce key concepts that you can apply right away.

Upon completion, participants will be better prepared to:

  • Identify individual and organizational opportunities for creativity
  • Overcome blocks to creativity
  • Analyze situations that require creative thinking
  • Be more creative in problem-solving and decision-making roles
  • Implement five creative thinking tools

1. Course overview
2. Five barriers to creative thinking
3. Five creative thinking tools

  • Real Brainstorming
  • Brainwriting
  • Primers
  • Mindmapping
  • Six Thinking Hats

4. Action planh them

4. Action Plan

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