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It’s nearly impossible for supervisors/managers to do everything relative to employee development, and competing priorities add to the dilemma. Too often, management’s quick fix is to send someone or the entire team to training.

However, training is not always the solution. Consulting steps back and asks important questions to discover the source of a performance issue and then recommends the best solution, whether that’s training, coaching, or team development.

We specialize in strategic management analysis, business performance, and process management.

For example, an operations department in a Northern California company had unusually high turnover (about 35% in the first year). Many employees who interviewed well and met all the qualifications of experience and education were not passing their probationary reviews. A performance analysis helped us to identify the cause and suggest a structured on-the-job training solution that reduced turnover by 16% in the first year.

With your knowledge of the organization, we can partner to develop collaborative employee relationships, improve communication, build stronger teams, and improve leadership. Please contact us to help you analyze and improve individual/team performance issues.

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