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How do I contact PplDev?
People Development Systems
PO Box 2181
Folsom, CA 95763
(800) 693-1359

What can PplDev do for us?
People Development Systems helps managers in organizations close gaps in performance through training, performance management, and coaching tailored to the needs of the employee and management.

What types of training do you offer?
We offer onsite training and online training for individuals, teams, and management, including On-The-Job Training. Click on one of the menu options above to find out more.

How does consulting and coaching fit into employee development?
We consult with managers to determine the best method for performance improvement. Depending on what our performance assessment reveals, we may suggest coaching, training, or team development. Coaching is an extremely effective tool when managers need to go beyond traditional methods to tap directly into the inner resources of the employee.

We have special needs. Can you help us?
Yes. PplDev can develop customized services to meet the unique needs of your company or organization. All of our services are completely customizable depending on the needs of your organization.

Can you meet our deadlines?
Yes. PplDev is highly responsive to client needs and can meet nearly any deadline.

How do we get started?
Simply contact us with a description of services you’re interested in and we'll get back to you promptly. Of course, you can call us as well.

How do I sign up for the PplDev newsletter?
Simply click here and provide us your contact information.

Please contact us with your questions or special needs.


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